About Us


HIGHLINETEC was established in 1997. Through the introduction of precision industrial production equipment in Europe, America, Japan and other regions, it has obtained technical exchanges, is committed to producing the best auxiliary equipment, and is inspired by independent technology to respond to market demand. In the plastics, optics, chemical industry and other related industries, we need to implement equipment planning and education training. Since 2010, we have participated in the development through technical cooperation, and have gained more in a more advanced, economical and efficient way. Experience innovative design and production, optimize skills to enhance overall competitive advantage, consolidate key infrastructure technologies, optimize and enhance overall competitive advantage, and deepen the industry's original intention to sustainable operation.

Since its inception, HIGHLINETEC has always adhered to the business philosophy of quality, innovation, professionalism and service-oriented. After more than 20 years of hard work, we have been striving to extend to various product enhancements and continue to work hard to promote industry-university cooperation, on electronics, optics, information systems, Related industries such as food, biochemistry, medical treatment, printing, metal processing, etc., propose high-quality solutions, explore the multi-disciplinary field with a more positive attitude, and strengthen cooperation with research institutions, academic institutions, and industry to make technical cooperation and exchanges.

HIGHLINETEC Industry specializes in integrated plant system engineering, providing central material conveying and feeding, plastic dehumidifying and drying, and injection machine feeding system for plastic peripheral auxiliary equipment. In the factory auxiliary temperature control equipment, we provide various water circulation, oil circulation, high temperature water circulation, high temperature hot oil circulation machine, and provide water cooling and air cooling type, random moving type and ultra-low temperature ice water machine in industrial ice water freezer project. , can be applied to rubber, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic process temperature control equipment; in line with the rapid development of industrial intelligence, global linkage applications, HIGHLINETEC provides a variety of electrical cabinet filter cooling machine, cabinet cooling cooler, equipment and equipment Cooling machine, cooling machine for precision semiconductor industry, etc.,  extraction Technology provides man-machine and remote control auxiliary operation products for the overall system engineering project.

A number of products of HIGHLINETEC are sold to many countries and regions. We are actively working together to develop common equipment with our business partners. At the same time, we will integrate our partner-compatible product plans into our overall marketing projects by strengthening our partner technology exchanges. The way to assist in the exchange of learning, actively strengthen the sales business with partners, expand the development and application of automation products, introduce new technologies to promote the quality of product research and development, commit to technological product innovation and improve, drive the company's overall skills to enhance growth, Logic thinking, providing customers with more diversified and integrated services.

HIGHLINETEC faithfully provides integrated high-quality technical services. We attach great importance to the partnership of our customers. To achieve this goal, HIGHLINETEC looks forward to working with advanced people from all walks of life to create a glory.